The City

Bangalore, recently renamed as Bengaluru, is the state capital of Karnataka and one of the most attractive modern cities in India. It has grown into the fifth largest metropolis of India. The city is famous for its beautiful parks, avenues, impressive buildings, heritage centers and excellent shopping. These qualities make it a magnificent place to visit, a delightful destination in its own right as well as the gateway to Southern India.

Bangalore has become an amalgam of modernization and development with a hint of its glorious history. The city has forts and palaces from the 16th century that will give you a clear idea of efficient town planning and splendid architecture observed at the time of some of the earliest dynasties in India. This is demonstrated in the ornately carved Islamic style arches on the gate walls, in the luxurious palace of Tipu Sultan, Lal Baug with its sprawling greenery and Bungle Rock which stood as a watch tower for the city.

This garden city has several beautifully laid green spaces that help you take a break and relax in the lap of nature. One can also enjoy the marvels of universe at the Nehru Planetarium located in the city which is an ideal place for children.

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Why Bangalore Is The Coolest City In India

Utopian Climate

The weather is perfect throughout the year. You don’t need to sweat a river or freeze to death in this city – and hearing people complain of summers and winters in Delhi makes you smile if you are a Bangalorean.

Clean And Green

It is a beautiful city, with breath-taking parks strewn across the entire location – even by the side of the busiest intersection! The green cover in this city is amazing.


Artsy And All

Bangaloreans are quite artistic – amazing graffiti and other arts adorn the city walls, making a walk in the city feel like an open art gallery!.

Paradise For Music Lovers

All the best concerts in India take place here. This is the perfect place for music lovers, as every artist who visits India is sure to perform at Bangalore. And people here are hardcore music fans, the rock culture is amazing in this city.


Gastronomic Delight

People here take their food very seriously—you will find the best themed restaurants here in Bangalore.