Moviemaking is an intricate process, best learnt by making Short Films and Documentaries. These are undoubtedly the truest and purest forms of artistic expression in the world of films, as Short / Documentary filmmakers are not working to any commercial imperatives.
True as this may be, there aren’t many avenues available for exhibition and distribution of short films. In fact, there is no organised formal structure for making, marketing and screening of Short Films.

Against this background, for the last three years, The Rolling Frames Film Summit, organised annually by The Rolling Frames Film Society in Bangalore, has successfully provided the biggest platform for Short Film and Documentary Screenings, Seminars, and Exhibition.
First of its kind for Short & Feature Films in India, it has effectively brought Filmmakers, Professionals from the Film, Animation, VFX Industry, Members of Film Societies, Film Clubs, Students as well as Staff from Film Institutes, Media, Journalism, Fine Arts Colleges; Animation Institutes, and Film enthusiasts on a single, united platform of interaction.

The 2015 edition promises to be even bigger and better, taking place at the largest screening venue in Bangalore, India, with a potential of accommodating around 2500 people. The summit is focused on providing more of a learning experience for short filmmakers in their journey towards becoming feature length filmmakers and helping them to fine-tune their art.
The vast expanse of the venue will be put to optimum use, with dedicated spaces for film screenings, master classes conducted by industry professionals; ‘Demo Zones’ with various manufacturers demonstrating relevant products used in filmmaking and ‘Experience Zones’ will afford hands-on experiences for participants; Art Exhibition is expected to be a dynamic showcase of murals and other artistic installations by artists from all over India.

Last but not the least, this year we have added a new category for short films and documentaries on social issues and causes. Our chosen social cause for 2015 is Mental Health Issues.


Short Film & Documentary Screenings – An exclusive platform for Filmmakers to screen their Films – Short Films & Documentaries. This is a unique opportunity to showcase their talent to the industry professionals and also the general public. Past events have seen over 700 filmmakers from 59 different countries presenting their films. Excellent documentaries & short films like Sulle Sathya, Lest We Forget, Chasing the Rainbow, Love at First Sight, Lost Paradise, Scarred, Dreams UnDwarfed showcased during the 2014 summit.
This year we are looking forward to receiving an even more interesting variety in themes from indigenous as well as international film fraternity.
Screenings at the Festival are quite informal and similar to the normal cinema experience, except for one very important thing: after the screenings, there will be opportunities to interact with the Director of the film in the exclusive and dedicated area, called the ‘Director’s Corner’. This has proven to be a hit in the past festivals, and we are confident that it will live up to expectations this year, too.

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Seminars give an opportunity for students from Film & Animation Institutes and Filmmaking enthusiasts alike, to gain knowledge, share ideas and discuss different perspectives on Filmmaking from the Experts in the Industry.

The Rolling Frames Seminars bring a broad range of film academics and experts together.
In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting lectures, seminars and master classes by Mr. Prakash Belawadi, Mr. B Suresha, Mr. Pawan Kumar, Mr. MG Sathya, Mr. KM Chaitanya, Mr. Mandappa, Mr Arul Moorthi amongst other filmmakers, critics and theorists.

Topics discussed were, Concept and advantages of making a short film, Journey to National Awards, Importance of Association in Industry, Alternative Storytelling Mediums – Breaking the Limitation and many more.

This year promises to be as exciting and educating as the previous years, with many more renowned speakers and professionals gracing the Rolling Frames stage.

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The Expo showcases the latest technological developments in the Film Industry, Animation Industry, and the related subsidiary industries. It will contain exhibition stalls related to a variety of topics and businesses, including Cameras, Lenses, Rigs, Lighting, Audio & Video Softwares, Hardwares, Educational Institutes, about and information regarding various Courses available in Animation as well as Filmmaking.

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Pitching Forum, akin to a film bazaar, is an exclusive avenue for participants to present an idea for a film or TV series, a completed film project, etc. directly to film producers, studio executives etc. in the hope of attracting development finance. One of the goals is to facilitate interaction, cooperation and co-production between short filmmakers from Bangalore and rest of India.
This is a limited-edition platform of networking and bringing interesting short film projects into spotlight. This Forum is a dedicated space where film directors and producers can present their short film projects in order to attract active producers, TV commissioners, fund representatives and distributors.

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Master Classes on different technical and non-technical film-related topics offer significant learning opportunities, encompassing diverse concepts such as photography, editing, acting, etc. led by the experts from the industry.
These are pathways of continuous training. Highly acclaimed and successful filmmakers will donate their time and share their expertise with young talents, passing on their distinctive knowledge and personal experience. Rather than bare lecturing, the program will aim to concentrate on the practical side of learning, with at least fifty percent of the time spent in hands-on training. But it’s not all the marquee names and star power. Sometimes the best learning experience comes from excellent craftspeople who work behind the scenes. We aim to incorporate sessions from experts, who prefer to work behind the scenes to create visual and audio magic on screen.

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Demo Zone  is a great opportunity for participants to view product demonstrations given by manufacturers of a wide range of film related products, various technologies and technical advancements available for the film-making fraternity. Participants will be able to interact with representatives of these companies, ask questions and discuss the pros and cons of the products. Participants will have ample opportunities to get technical information about their chosen products; the purpose of this initiative is to increase know-how through live interactions with the industry experts.

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Experience Zone is a place where participants will get to try their hands at using different equipments used in the filmmaking process.  A space which can be used for demonstrating and practicing filming techniques. This takes the concept of demo zone a step further, with a place and opportunity for participants to actually use and/or experience equipments such as lights, cameras, camera gears, audio recorders, cranes, etc.
This is a rare hands-on opportunity that is sure to help participants bridge the gap between their vibrant ideas and the dynamic film-making technologies at their disposal, to transform their imagination into reel.

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ART Exhibition – The dictionary definition of Art Exhibition states, “An art exhibition is traditionally the space in which art objects (in the most general sense) meet an audience”. This is EXACTLY what the Art Exhibition at our forthcoming event aims to do!  

Around 100 square meters of space at the event venue will be made available, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, for artists to exhibit and market their talent such as paintings, sculptures, graphic art, photography and other forms of arts.

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Awards – An integral part of the Summit, where after a rigorous selection process by a panel of Judges from the Indian Film and Animation Industry, talent and achievement is recognised with Awards for Excellence in the fields of Documentary and Short Films.
The categories recognise and celebrate both emerging and established talent. Past winners include ‘Chasing the Rainbow’ directed by Neha Jain, ‘Delhi 16th Dec 2012’  directed by Suparna Sarkar and Salim Khan, ‘Scarred’,  directed by Sarah Thomas, ‘Dreams UnDwarfed’,  directed by Som, ‘Vidhaya’, directed by Ananth Shine among others.

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