Master Classes on different technical and non-technical film-related topics offer significant learning opportunities, encompassing diverse concepts such as photography, editing, acting, etc. led by the experts from the industry.
These are pathways of continuous training. Highly acclaimed and successful filmmakers will donate their time and share their expertise with young talents, passing on their distinctive knowledge and personal experience. Rather than bare lecturing, the program will aim to concentrate on the practical side of learning, with at least fifty percent of the time spent in hands-on training. But it’s not all the marquee names and star power. Sometimes the best learning experience comes from excellent craftspeople who work behind the scenes. We aim to incorporate sessions from experts, who prefer to work behind the scenes to create visual and audio magic on screen.

October 24th
Documentary Films on Panasonic 4K Cameras by Robin Conz | Nikhil Virdi – Felis Creations
How to get your films selected for film Festivals

Ms. Meenakshi Shinde

October 25th
A Masterclass on Cinematography

Mr. Chase Bowman – Cinematographer , LA – USA

Protecting your IP

By Mr. Binu Radhakrishnan