Have a short film, web series, pilot script or screenplay?

Maybe you just have a movie pitch or an idea for a TV show?

If your answer is a firm ‘yes’, please read on.
This year, we are excited to introduce a brand new concept of a Pitching Forum in The Rolling Frames Film Summit 2015. This is a brilliant platform for you to present your ideas and projects to top industry producers, financiers, fund managers and investors who are looking to finance, produce or develop new projects.

This year, pitching forum is limited to ideas for Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, T.V Series and Web Series/Digital Films.

Entries in each of the five categories mentioned above will compete for a ‘Best Pitch in Category’ award.

Whilst it may be difficult to predict the results, a successful pitch can at least begin the conversation.

We are looking forward to this invigorating new addition to our repertoire, and are sure this section is here to stay.

We wish you good luck.

For more details please contact queries@rollingframes.in